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Twitter Ads

Advertising on Twitter could be one of the most impactful decisions you make in your business’ online marketing strategy. Why? Because of the shear numbers, for starters. There are well over 300 Million active users on Twitter (nope, not a typo) and that’s nothing compared to the total created accounts which is sitting at over 1.3 Billion (yes, with a “b”). Of that gargantuan amount, around half, 550 million, actually ever Tweet and another 500 million visit the site each month to read tweets and news without logging into their accounts. One-third of all US social media users are on Twitter and 80% of active users access the site via mobile. These days, anyone who is anyone is on Twitter, including over 80% of the world’s leaders.

So that’s all well and good from a purely personal perspective. Clearly the numbers are there. But what about business? Why should you market and advertise there? Well, if it’s any indication, 65.8% of US businesses with 100+ employees are marketing on Twitter. 58% of the world’s top brands have built and maintained enormous Twitter followings (100K or more). And how active are all these businesses on Twitter? 92% of them Tweet more than once per day, nearly half of them (42%) Tweet up to 5 times per day, and 20% of them go crazy and Tweet up to 10 times each day. Yeah, there’s a good bet that these companies have a very good reason for putting so much marketing energy into Twitter.

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