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SEO Split Test Course Description

Google is constantly changing its algorithms, moving the goalposts, and going back on what it has said. 

Google is making a big push toward a more AI-driven service. That’s why using AB tests to identify precisely what works and what doesn’t is such an important move.

Split testing essentially means taking a rigorous and somewhat scientific approach to your search engine optimization, which effectively means removing the guesswork from the process.

In fact, what split testing really amounts to, is helping your site to ‘evolve’ to become the most optimized version of itself.

Topics covered:

  • What is Split Testing?

  • Why We Need Split Testing Now More Than Ever – The Powerful Benefits of This Strategy

  • Why Split Testing Works and When it Doesn’t – Understanding Statistical Significance

  • Using Split Testing for SEO Success – The Practical Guide

  • The Technical Bit: Using Redirects

  • Tools and Best Practices

  • What to Test?

  • Advanced Strategies

  • SEO - What We Know and What Split Testing Has Shown Us

  • Related Strategies and Conclusion

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