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About SmallBiznerd


Our Story

SmallBiznerd is created by 3 friends that share a passion for helping small businesses to achieve their potential, We all have a lot of experience from big companies that worked in the small business world. Over the years we witnessed the struggles and difficulties of small business owners. We decided to take a leap and start using our knowledge and skills to help those owners to take their business to the next level,  So being the nerds that we are we founded SmallBiznerd, a place where you can learn unique and innovative skills and have access to amazing tools.

Our Mission

We are here to help small business owners to achieve their goals by providing unique learning materials, proven strategies, and amazing tools. Our goal is very clear, and we want to reach and provide amazing value to our customers by using our profound knowledge and experience. We are not going to stop evolving and progressing in order to share the best with our partners on the journey.


Our Values

Act with integrity - We are open and honest and live our values every day.

Take Ownership - We take personal responsibility for the success of our partners, our customers, and our company.

Responsibility – We accept responsibility every day, for the quality of our products, materials, and tools and for our behavior toward customers and partners.

Satisfied customers – We will do our best to create a happy and smiling customer.

Creativity – We are always looking for new ways to improve and innovate, creativity is an awesome tool for that.

Meet The Founder


Kevin Bennett

Kevin is passionate about helping small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed by providing them with the resources they need to succeed. With his innovative approach to problem-solving, Kevin has created a platform that can help small business owners access the best tools and resources available.

Meet Our Expert Team Members Obligated For Your Success 

3.Transparent-01 (2).png
Keren Der
Social Media and Marketing Expert
2.Transparent-01 (2).png
Ami Levi
Technology and Web Development  Expert
1.Transparent-01 (1).png
Eran Kliener
Finance and business Analytics Expert 
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